Tuesday, April 30, 2013

All Rings are not Created Equal

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There are 7 billion people in this world, all with their own quirks and personalities. And for two people to find each other and be united for the rest of their lives is downright miraculous. When it happens, it is always a special and unique experience. So why should the symbol of their union be some off-the-rack, beautiful but typical wedding band? Suna Brothers, makers of specially crafted wedding rings, employs tedious processes and the most modern methods of metal casting and mounting just to come up with the most extraordinary wedding bands. While most wedding rings look similar, those from Suna Brothers stand out in their impeccable quality and design. Where else can you find a wedding band with beautiful princess diamonds and rubies mounted on durable, pore-free gold or platinum? If you want some other stone aside from diamond, or if rings with round, princess and emerald cuts put together better symbolize your relationship, Suna Brothers is the maker to look for.
Check it out at Shreve & Co. in Post Street, San Francisco - authorized dealer for Suna Brothers.

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