Monday, May 13, 2013

Rare Treasures for Precious Loved Ones

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Technically, they are not pearls but the jewelry industry values them just as much – if not more. Conch pearls are pinkish pearl-like gems that are produced by the Queen Conch mollusk. The ones with the highest quality are characterized by an unusual ‘flame-like structure’, as if there is fire burning on their surface. These unique, fiery gems can only be produced naturally and in very rare occasions, making conch pearl jewelries all the more valuable. Mikimoto, maker of the world’s finest pearl jewelries, also loves creating conch wonders that adorn the women’s gorgeous necks. The Empress Ring is an exquisite platinum ring that features a 7mm conch pearl central stone. Tiny diamond stones create a dazzling background for the vibrant shine of the conch, like beautiful ladies in waiting surrounding a precious and delicate princess. Indeed, Mikimoto sets conch pearls fit for a princess, whether by title or simply at heart.
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