Monday, May 13, 2013

A Burst of Passionate Elegance

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David Yurman’s Starburst collection is the designer’s ode to the shining star of his life – Sybil, his faithful wife and creator-collaborator. There are inexhaustible ways to show love, and the renowned jewelry creator David Yurman chooses to do so with his jewelries. Starburst was born out of David and Sybil’s fascination with fireworks, night lights and Paris night skies. The radiant star pieces convey that same feeling of awe in bursts of pave diamonds set in sterling silver and gold mountings. The interplay of gem-studded rays and unadorned twisted cables – signature design for David Yurman jewelry – creates a celebration of light and excitement that culminates in a dazzling diamond-embedded core. The romance and elegance of Starburst is also the Yurman’s gift to every couple who revel in the wonderful moments in life and love.
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