Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Perfect Embodiment of Genuine Values

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Since 1893, Wellendorff has brought us four generations of master jewelry makers, countless collections of unique luxury pieces, and one hundred twenty years of Wahre Werte (Genuine Values). It is true that nothing lasts forever – not even gold and diamond, but authenticity breeds endurance. The Wellendorff house of fine German-made jewelry is anchored strongly on the sure foundations of Genuine Values. No wonder why the family-run manufacturer remains strong and thriving through the years. Wellendorff is never about the latest fashion trends. It is not even about attracting the elite, even though that is what it often does. Wellendorff is all about being true to yourself, just as it remains true to itself. Its bestselling gold rope coils and revolving rings embody the brands commitment to bringing you the most excellent touches of luxury and refinement that symbolize your own personality and lifestyle.
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