Saturday, May 18, 2013

Rare and Rapturous Pieces by Roberto

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Jewelry connoisseurs will never run out of unique pieces from Roberto Coin’s luxury jewelry collections. The 17-year-old brand is the top jewelry designer and manufacturer in Italy, and third in the international scene. For an industry player that is relatively so young, the Roberto Coin’s success in jewelry making is indeed astounding. This is not surprising though, especially when you factor in its eponymous owner’s stellar experience in jewelry production for prominent fine jewelry icons since 1977. Roberto Coin, the man, is an outstanding businessman. But more than that, he is a creative artist with unquenchable passion for what he does. He comes up with most ordinary, even creepy, bits of reality and turn them to magical works of art. One of his latest pieces is the 7-inch Horse Diamond and White Enamel Bangle, which shows a horse figure masterfully fashioned from 18k gold and strapped with an enchanting diamond-studded bridle.
Find the Roberto Coin collections at Shreve and Co. in Portland, Oregon and see the charming piece of rarity for yourself.

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