Friday, June 07, 2013

Hit the Road in Style

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If Breitling was a car, it would have been a Bentley. As a matter of fact, Breitling is in Bentley. In 2002, the shared pursuit of perfection, performance and elegance brought two great brands together; the famed British car manufacturer, Bentley, and the Swiss watch specialist, Breitling. The watchmaker contributed its personal touch to the most powerful Bentley ever built, the Continental GT, by participating in the design of the automobile’s technical instruments and even creating its onboard clock. Breitling is the first watchmaker ever entrusted with this task for the 90 year-old auto brand, and Bentley had good reason to do so. Breitling has been a strong influence in the field of horology since 1884, making pioneering strides in the development of wrist chronographs and mechanical chronograph movements. Hit the road with the most comfortable and reliable journey buddies from Bentley and Breitling.
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