Saturday, June 15, 2013

As Classic as a Watch can Be

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Classics may be defined in many terms, but the whole concept simply boils down to enduring elegance. That is the absolutely embodied by Baume & Mercier’s Classima collection. The Swiss luxury watchmaking company has been designing and manufacturing first-class timepieces and complications since its establishment in 1830. It saw the many evolutionary stages of watch design and technology in nearly two centuries now. While it rides the changes of time, Baume and Mercier captures the most enduring and unfading watch designs and untiringly adds them to the Classima collection. The Classima 10077 is a classic timepiece from its dials to its leather straps. The 33mm round case is made of rose gold, a favorite material for watches since the mid 1900’s. The smooth mother of pearl dial conceals an automatic movement and displays a simple yet elegant set of Roman numeral hour indicators. To complete the look, the mechanism is held up by the undying alligator black leather strap.
For watches that could not get more classic than they already are, check out the Classima collection at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon – authorized dealer for Baume and Mercier timepieces.

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