Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Terms and Conditions for Unconditional Love

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You have just given your dream girl a Kirk Kara platinum engagement ring to profess your unconditional love. The week after, the deal is off. The emotional trauma aside, when the planned marriage is cancelled, can the man claim back the engagement ring (especially a Kirk Kara one)? Yes, says some legal experts and, likely, a lot of ex-engaged men in the U.S. arguing that the engagement ring is a conditional gift, which under the legal rules of property, is owned by the donor until marriage is consummated. But there are caveats, as contrarians are wont to argue. Should the ring is given during a holiday when gift-giving is universally expected, such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas, the ring becomes a personal property of the recipient. Nothing is set in, well…stone though. As lawyers debate on this, romantics couldn’t care less. They only care that the engagement ring be a symbol of their love; and if it is Kirk Kara’s call, a symbol of an undying devotion that can extend far into being an heirloom like its fine collection of hand-engraved jewelry. Besides, if you are giving a Kirk Kara ring, you are naturally bred in the highest levels of civility.
Shreve is an authorized dealer of Kirk Kara jewelry.
Image: A comfort-fit band wedding ring in platinum from the "Artin" collection

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