Friday, June 28, 2013

Brilliance is Beauty

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The beauty of a diamond is in its brilliance. In every valuable piece from A. Link, American jewelers’ favorite purveyor of luxury diamond jewelry, the dazzling magnificence of each diamond stone takes center stage. A. Link’s brilliant cut stones – manufactured by hand or machine in key locations such as Belgium, South Africa and Russia, are created with the brand’s signature 60/60 cut, where the equal percentage in table and depth produces maximized diameter weight and reflectivity. This unique treatment of A. Link diamonds make them shine bright even at night with the minimal amount of light. A. Link’s commitment to brilliance does not end in the diamond cutting process. The creative designs team also makes sure that every precious metal mountings are fashioned to deliberately highlight the sparkle of the gems. This attribute is inherent in any A. Link collection, from the glamorous Opera collection to the fancy and almost playful shapes like the Candide necklaces.
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