Monday, July 08, 2013

There is a Lorelei in Every Woman

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In the mind of Hearts on Fire’s head designer Ilaria Lanzoni, Lorelei is a modern, fashion forward woman who moves about with grace and timeless elegance. She revels in the depth of friendships and love, and takes time to appreciate the beauties of everyday life. Ilaria’s Lorelei collection of jewelries for Hearts on Fire depicts the gentle sophistication of that woman. The Lorelei Diamond Collar is a show-stopping neck piece that shows off the dazzling brilliance of Hearts on Fire diamonds and the delicate intricacy of its trendy collar design. The scalloped edges of the piece, crafted expertly from 18K white gold, emulate the old-age refinement of the lace.  The rare outline of the piece which sits beautifully on a woman’s collarbone pulls the whole ensemble towards the taste of modern day fashion. Bring out the Lorelei in you or in the person that you love.
Check out the Lorelei collection and other Hearts on Fire jewels at Shreve & Co. in Portland, Oregon. 

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