Monday, July 23, 2012

A Penny for your Thoughts

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A man may spend the whole day figuring out what is between his woman and a Penny Preville necklace, and still cap the night with little clue, if any. He may not know that Penny Preville has been synonymous with high-end style, the signature jewelry worn, not by mortals, but Hollywood celebrities. Much less is he clueless that the designer, Penny Preville, started as a child tinkering with beads and seashells before moving up to 18-carat gold and platinum trinkets favored by millionaires and stars. But here’s a fact that may interest his analytical mind: jewelries extend far beyond seducing his woman with worldly desires; rather, recent social studies pointed out the role of these trinkets in setting our society to the path of civilization. A mouthful indeed, but Cro-Magnon findings revealed that bead necklaces and bracelets played more than just to the fancy of the bearer, a warrior of all people! Scientific or not, perhaps we can safely conclude that cave people were not vain. Rather, our ancient folks wore jewelries to identify themselves in case, say, they got trampled by a mammoth or a saber-tooth had them for breakfast. The jewelry at least could leave some clue who got the hit. More crucially, jewelries allowed our prehistoric people to gain a sense of individuality that would set their path to enlightenment, individual rights and whether we want our tomato sauce with mushrooms or Italian-style. Much like wearing a Penny Preville says a lot about your woman. She is stylishly above mortals.
Shreve is an authorized dealer for Penny Preville.
Image: Penny Preville Moonstone & Diamond Drop Earrings

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