Sunday, July 28, 2013

Upholding the Tradition

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It was “the Pearl King” Kokichi Mikimoto from Japan who first nurtured and produced the cultured pearl, and subsequently revolutionized the pearl culture industry. Later on, he founded the Mikimoto House of Pearls, which to this date proudly bears his name and legacy. With its significant role in the history of the pearl trade, as well as its reputable heritage is manufacturing the best cultured sea gems in the world, Mikimoto retains stringent standards on the material and craftsmanship of every jewelry piece that is stamped with its label. Mikimoto accepts on the finest materials, which requires at least an A or A+ grade, comprising barely 5% of the total pearls in Japan, before a single pearl makes it to any Mikimoto design. Only the finest materials such as 18k gold or platinum, high-quality G color diamonds, and the finest silk threads are used to complement the company’s immaculate pearls. Timeless, elegant and intricate, each Mikimoto strand of pearls upholds the tradition of excellence that Mr. Mikimoto started a hundred years ago.
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