Saturday, August 03, 2013

The Wellendorff Difference

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Originality and authenticity – these are two things that a brand needs in order to survive in the highly competitive jewelry industry. Wellendorff, the century-old German manufacturer of fine luxury jewelry, thrives with those two distinctive features engrained in its core values. Wellendorff’s inimitable rotating ring collections are popular all over the world for their unique make-up and rare exquisite quality. Each ring is actually made up of at least four separate rings that are firmly attached to each other but also individually movable, resulting in one ring composed of “spinning bands”. Every ring ensemble has its own gravitating design composed of gold bands – bare or enamel coated, and diamond bands bearing the highest grade diamonds. Each piece has a personality of its own that embodies the Wellendorff tradition of exceptional craftsmanship and rare creativity. 
Experience the extraordinary pieces of Wellendorff, crafted in Pforzheim, Germany and available in selected authorized dealers such as Shreve & Co. Jewelers in Palo Alto.

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