Saturday, August 03, 2013

Maximizing Creative Liberties

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Earrings are often the most exciting pieces a jewelry designer could work on. Their close proximity to the face make their every little detail easily noticeable, and the way they are hung instead of wrapped around allows infinite possibilities of 360-degree sculptural designs – a freedom that could not be enjoyed by artists with the more restricted rings or bracelets. Diamond jewelry specialist A. Link loves to take these creative liberties to evoke beauty and elegance through its many notable earring pieces. The Figaro Chandelier Earring, part of A. Link’s Opera collection, lends an air of drama and timeless romance to the wearer’s visage and highlights her lovely features with a dazzling diamond backdrop. The image of the elaborately designed pair of diamond earrings cascading down to the neckline creates a lovely whimsical and sophisticated impression that makes a beautiful face difficult to forget. 
Find this masterpiece by A. Link at authorized dealer Shreve & Co. in their location at Portland, Oregon. 

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