Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Unique DNA

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The uniqueness of Furrer-Jacot’s contemporary bridal rings is found in the brand’s “DNA of Authenticity, Excellence and Individuality”. For 150 years, the company’s headquarters nestled in the Schaffhausen canton of Switzerland has been operating in the tradition of excellence both in craftsmanship and quality. Furrer-Jacot uses only the finest precious metals in terms of aesthetic value and durability such as 950 platinum, 750 gold in different shades, and 950 palladium. Expert craftsmen in the state-of-the-art manufacturing house tirelessly labor over each ring through multiple stages of production using precise, computer-aided processes as well as time-tested handcrafting techniques. From the preliminary milling to the tedious hand-engraving and polishing, Furrer-Jacot’s rings are handled only by the most seasoned hands and modern machinery in the industry. Neither does the company stop at comfortable and modern pieces. Clients can celebrate their love story with their own personal design in the Ringdividuell Collection®, the brand’s extra-mile effort to assure every couple a one-of-a-kind symbol for their unique romance.
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