Saturday, August 10, 2013

An Abundance of Esprit

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“Morale is the state of mind. It is elan, esprit de corps and determination,” says G. Catlett Marshall. So inspired, Chimento’s trendy Esprit collection for men indeed resonates with the ardor and vivacious camaraderie of a persistent and confident young man. Targeted towards the savvy and modern urbanites, this selection by famous jewelry manufacturing label Chimento is composed of chic and elegant stainless steel cuff links that perfectly complement the tastes of a suave bachelor. Fashioned in the same high-end jewelry-making tradition of the brand, the collection fuses contemporary design to classic styles using innovative materials and unconventional form. Esprit links come in rose colored pvd coating that increases their durability up to ten-folds, and enhances their aesthetic value at the same time.
Looking good is a subtle way to keep a man’s spirits high, so indulge him with the gift of Esprit by Chimento. Find them at Shreve & Co on Post Street in San Francisco – an authorized dealer for Chimento jewelry.

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