Saturday, August 24, 2013

An Irresistible Feminine Touch

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Horology is a man’s world – for the most part. But this does not keep excellent female-oriented brands such as Chanel from making their contributions to this predominantly male-driven industry. The Chanel J12 is the famous fashion brand’s take on haute horlogerie. The timepiece was designed as a sports-chick device that nevertheless look charming and elegant with formal wear, a duality that role-joggling women could never seem to get over. Chanel achieved this perfectly with a dainty case and bracelet made of ceramic that glimmer with high polish in black, white or bluish gray hues. Feminine and sophisticated, the watch runs on Swiss Made automatic caliber featuring a 42-hour power reserve. In totality, the J12 is a comfortable and functional device that deserves a place in the male-dominated watch market and a fashionable companion for the modern woman. 
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