Saturday, September 07, 2013

Exploring the Wonders of Spain

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Have a penchant for gorgeous jewelry pieces? Leading jewelry manufacturer Carrera y Carrera crafts rare gold jewelry pieces steeped with passion and depth. Spain’s leading name in the jewelry industry captures the romance and warm, exotic air of its country in the brand’s jewelry collections. The majestic white gold and blue topaz Reina ring from the new Tesoros del Imperio collection is a dainty expression of regal sophistication. The pulsating textures and curves of the Ruedo collection emulate the exciting motions and colors of a bullfighter’s ring. The fluid lines remind the wearer – and intrigued onlookers – of the flowing movements of a matador’s cape. Diamonds and warm gold capture the glinting rays of the sun that dance over the excited aficionados around the unfolding scene. Another interesting collection is the Mediterraneo, with its graceful interplay of white gold and diamonds that hint of the lovely scenes in the Spanish coast.
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