Saturday, September 07, 2013

Beauty Inspired by Beauty

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Creativity is a never-ending cycle. One spark of inspiration begets an art form that in turn begets another. This is the case of David Yurman’s latest selection of luxury jewelry. The Willow Collection is inspired by David and wife Sybil’s frequent walks around a dreamy hidden pond near their quaint country home. Willow branches swayed languidly like graceful dancers around the smooth waters of the pond. The contemplative mood of the setting pushed David to write a haiku, which in turn materialized into a new design for David Yurman’s high-end jewelry collections. The eponymous brand’s signature cable design finds a fresh twist as it reinterprets the lovely delicacy of the willows. The twisted helix is reinvented as strands of thin coils that are fanned out into feathery fronds and dusted at the tip with diamonds. The airy lightness and striking irregularity reflects the perfect asymmetry of nature that has inspired many wonderful creations.
Check out the Willow Collection at Shreve & Co. at Post Street in San Francisco – authorized dealer for David Yurman.

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