Thursday, June 14, 2012

A. Jaffe, Shreve age well together

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The new millineum seems like old news as the world enters into the second decade. Still, a lot of progress was made in the last century, and companies building on sturdy foundations create consumer trust, demonstrate wisdom, and provide security. Shreve & Co. and A. Jaffe each have roots that were planted in the 1800s and have steadily grown since.
Shreve & Co. began business on the West Coast during the gold rush. Established in 1852, Shreve has proven stability in providing its customers with high quality jewelry that withstands the test of time.
A. Jaffe was established in New York in 1892, becoming the leader in creating the world’s finest luxury bridal jewelry. As an approved retailer for A. Jaffe, Shreve reinforces its status as a purveyor of timely treasures. When two strong companies become business associates, the relationship is dazzling, and the consumer gains the advantage of the union.

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