Friday, October 25, 2013

The Furrer-Jacot Distinction

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In Schaffhausen, Switzerland, the Furrer-Jacot jewelry manufactory stands with a 150-year history of custom-made jewelry, including exclusive weddings bands, engagement rings and eternity rings. From the one man enterprise in the person of Fritz Furrer, joined later by Lucienne Jacot, the company has grown into a world-recognized label with a distinctive presence. Furrer-Jacot values high level of individuality for every piece that it designs, as well as distinctive features coupled with wearing comfort. These embedded values are easily recognizable in the brand’s contemporary collections such as the Glamoureux engagement rings and the Eternels eternity bands. Bearing a wide range of inspiration from nature’s daily miracles like golden ricefields ready to harvest, to seemingly unnoticeable details such as a bridge’s handiwork, Furrer-Jacot truly comes up with looks that are distinctively its own.
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