Friday, November 01, 2013

Something Memorable Something Beautiful

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“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” World-renowned jewelry manufacturer Kwiat presents its own interpretation of the familiar traditional rhyme. Kwiat spins “something old” with its rendition of vintage designs that are drawn from vast family archives encompassing Edwardian and Deco periods. The Kwiat Vintage Collection is replete of timelessly elegant classics that well suit the role of heirlooms for the next generation. Kwiat balances the vintage with contemporary style using “something new” pieces such as the stackable and gem-studded colored arm bands and rings. “something borrowed” implies the idea of sharing and what better example of that than matrimony, which is the sharing of two lives together. Kwiat has been known as premier maker of luxury bridal rings with the most intricate designs and brilliant stones available. Add to that “something blue” like Kwiat’s blue sapphire pieces that complement the bride’s beauty and grace on her most special day. No wonder Kwiat is among the most trusted names for wedding and fashion jewelry pieces. 
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