Friday, November 01, 2013

Much More than Meets the Eye

Posted by Shreve & Co. at 10:35:09 PM in Alex Sepkus (30)

The inimitable jewelry pieces by Alex Sepkus sing to the naked eye. The much admired Lithuanian-born jewelry designer has a distinctive style that hovers between exotic and futuristic, subtle yet quaint. Yet there’s more to his jewels than meets the naked eye at first sight. The full beauty of Alex Sepkus creations become more and more evident as you examine them more closely. Under the magnifying glass, the pieces that range from gem-studded neck adornments to enchanting arm bands and rings jump to life in worlds of their own. There is no telling what fun and unexpected vision is lurking in the fashionable crevices of the master artist’s geometric patterns – a sea creature such as a crab, a little flower blossom, or a more bizarre creature.  One thing is for sure, Alex Sepkus is literally always full of delightful surprises.
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