Friday, June 08, 2012

Diamonds are man’s best friend, too

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Some men sweep their woman off their feet. Some make them fall head over heels. But only a diamond takes a woman’s breath away. If you are a man, take heart. The shimmer and dancing rays of tiny glows inside it may reflect the indescribable ecstasy a woman feels towards you. So there, diamonds can be your best friend, too. Your search for this quality gemstone that deserves her seductive admiration stops at Harry Kotlar, the world’s renowned premier diamond seller. When Harry, its founder, came to the United States in 1948, he brought with him the passion to craft artful setting of stones that exudes timeless beauty. It was an obsession that saw women who wore a Harry Kotlar suddenly felt like a celebrity, suddenly glamorous and a special person. The same dedication to manufacture only the highest grade diamonds and match it with sincere customer service is passed through generations; today, Harry Kotlar diamonds are prized, not only by women, but men who demand only the best for their love, like a gemstone created through millennia by earth’s forces, extracted at great toil, and polished painstakingly in the hands of a Harry Kotlar setter. How about that to impress her?
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Image: Harry Kotlar Plat Asscher 7.32 G Vs2 Gia 13

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