Friday, November 22, 2013

Life is Art

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Obtaining a Carrera y Carrera jewelry piece is being part of an awesome creative process. Each piece of the Spanish brand’s collections is an end-result of meticulous and seasoned gold craftsmanship. It was this crafting prowess and creative excellence that turned Carrera y Carrera into a world renowned icon for awe-inspiring luxury jewelry. In the brand’s Madrid workshop, the finest goldsmiths gather and create masterpieces loaded with their own artistic and sensitive expression. Not only do these masterpieces bear the marks of their creators, they are also formed as the fruits of technological, gemological and jewelry-making expertise gained through years upon years of experience. At face value, Carrera y Carrera is a fine name associated with outstanding creativity in gold. When you look even deeper, you realize that the pieces only reflect the profound and everyday wonders of life.
Keller & George is an authorized retailer for Carrera y Carrera.

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