Friday, December 13, 2013

A Beautiful Tale Wrought in Gold

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“When I design a piece of jewelry, it is as if I am writing a book”, says Alex Sepkus. And like outstanding books, his fabulous jewelry creations entrance us with their timeless magic. Meticulously handmade, each original piece tells a beautiful story in precious gold or platinum and vibrant gemstones. Every detail is carefully designed and finely-executed. Alex Sepkus’ team of highly-talented craftsmen frequently use microscopes to execute the fine details and the unique hand finishing that give his pieces their distinct appeal. Sepkus’ creations do not conform to any standard style or design for each piece is like a personal statement that touches a responding chord within the wearer and makes her feel that the jewelry piece was made especially for her. The Alex Sepkus Gold Pathway Ring, for instance, takes us to the flagstoned pathway of an ancient temple of a bygone area.
Alex Sepkus’ unique creations are available at Shreve & Co in Post Street in San Francisco - authorized retailer for Alex Sepkus.

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