Friday, December 27, 2013

Natural Wonders from the Sea

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The name of Mikimoto has been celebrated for more than a hundred years for its founder’s pioneering work in pearl culture. Japanese researcher and entrepreneur Kokichi Mikimoto invested years in his pursuit of the perfecting the first cultured pearl. In the early 1890s, in a shore off Japan, Mikimoto produced the first perfectly spherical cultured Akoya pearls. It was the beginning of his dream’s realization and, in hind sight, the birth of the vibrant cultured pearl industry. Years after the founder’s passing, Mikimoto remains the top name for the highest quality cultured pearl jewelry. Immaculate and luxurious, Mikimoto’s new Wonder collection, celebrates its own heritage and history. Featured in the collection are a ring, a necklace and a pair of earrings that bear elegant white Akoya pearls, each sized at about 7.00 mm, set in white gold clam-like design overlaid with white diamonds. The collection displays the world of luxury and beauty made available to every woman from New York to Shanghai by Mikimoto.
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