Friday, January 17, 2014

Who Needs Rock City?

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Ever used jewelry as a way out? One guy does just that! 
His girlfriend requested him to take her to Rock City, a place that  boast of an impressive rock formation, to celebrate their upcoming anniversary. The girl had a passion for geology and Rock City boasts of a marvelous display of quartz rocks. 
The girl was looking forward to sharing her love of quartz with her boyfriend, but a geology lesson wasn't exactly what the boy envisioned for an anniversary date.  "You don't understand," she said, "you have to see an actual quartz just to get the full feel." 
On the day of the anniversary the boy surprised his girlfriend with a Chimento rose quartz ring. "Just so I can get the full feel," he said. "I love it!" exclaimed the girlfriend, before adding, "who needs Rock City anyway!" 
"Close call," thought the boyfriend. Chimento's Elisir white gold ring, rose milky quartz and white diamonds are available in Shreve & Co. at Post Street, San Francisco.

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