Friday, January 17, 2014

Don’t Feed the Sharks

Posted by Shreve & Co. at 6:26:45 AM in Stephen Webster (27)

Some people require a gentle reminder, while others require a bite to secure a successful career. 
One woman was promoted at a young age for her focus and ability to overcome daily challenges. She always wear a Stephen Webster unclenched shark jaw bracelet around her wrist to serve as an ever ominous reminder to watch her back. She must stay afloat in what feels like a shark infested territory of her workplace. She knows that her colleagues may smile, but behind the veneer they are hungry for her job. She must maintain a survivor's mentality, unless she wants her job thrown to the next wunderkind. Will she allow the jaws of corporate politics to clench on her? Not a chance! In the meantime, she wear the Stephen Webster with pride and elegance.
Stephen Webster is available at Shreve & Co. at Portland Oregon and San Francisco California.

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