Saturday, September 15, 2012

Art around the Wrist

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Paintings and art pieces are usually too heavy to carry around to show off to friends. But Piaget makes it easier for anyone to carry around an art piece for others, and for him, to enjoy. Enameling has been a tradition at Piaget’s. It is a continuous tradition to create watches with miniature paintings thus infusing the complications and sophistication of science with the elegance and beauty of art. Piaget’s obsession with art is evident in such pieces as the Protocole XXL Paris and New York. Using the the Protocole as the canvas, Piaget now paints with enamel all over the face of the watch covering every surface. This miniature painting is done on 18k white or yellow gold. They could’ve used any other material but hey, it’s Piaget. They have reached another level of obsession for perfection in art and craftsmanship. The watches themselves are pretty hard to make and more so the enamel paintings embracing them. Every enameled piece is reportedly fired almost twenty times in the oven for perfection. Most of the time, art pieces belong in the galleries but a Piaget belongs around your wrist. To get some Piaget’s around your wrists, visit Shreve & Co. – authorized dealer for Piaget.

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