Friday, March 28, 2014

What women want in diamonds

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Diamonds are no doubt the height of luxury in jewelry. Brilliant, scintillating, and alluring, they are the prized possessions of many women. They’re likely one of the most expensive jewelry a woman can receive. Surprisingly, women are not really impressed by the price of a diamond. Rather, they find diamonds romantic because they are rare; and the idea that their man will take the effort to buy a diamond ring reflects commitment above adversity. It’s not set in stone, but it is rare that women would cherish a diamond for its own sake. Diamond jewelry like A. Link is an expression of passion and love, and the real value behind the jewelry is the man’s intentions to showcase his emotion through the diamond. Hence, not a few times when the relationship goes awry, a woman can easily toss a diamond out of the window because it’s lost its true luster. 
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