Friday, March 28, 2014

Platinum the true luxury

Posted by Shreve & Co. at 6:00:00 AM in Furrer Jacot (29)

Gold and silver have been synonymous to luxury and riches. But did you know platinum is even more luxurious than its two more popular precious metal cousins? That’s because platinum is extremely rare, encrusted deep in earth’s crust. It can be found as pure or an alloy combined with other metals or iron. This metal usually occurs near nickel and copper deposits, but platinum was largely undetected in the past because they are often mistaken for silver. Today, platinum is the prized metal for the most luxurious wedding and engagement rings and jewelry, such as Furrer Jacot. The jewelry signature uses premium platinum and craft it with unique designs and strict manufacturing control. Combined with a diamond setting, Furrer Jacot’s platinum jewelry is easily one of the most impressive collections today.
Furrer Jacot is available at Shreve & Co. in Palo Alto, California.

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