Monday, December 03, 2012

Chimento: What Women's Hearts Desire

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Few can rival Chimento. The exquisiteness of its design speaks to every woman. There is boldness, elegance, finesse, and even fun in every piece. Chimento has dedicated their works to women who admire contemporary design and adore the classics. It is Chimento’s mission is to create pieces that will capture a woman’s heart with its original shapes, innovative materials, and the passion apparent in every piece. Since coming into being, Chimento is recognized to be as one of the most talented Jewelry maker in the business. Fashion TV, the famous channel and authority for fashion and glamour, produced an in-depth broadcast about Chimento’s birth and efforts as it made its way into the top of Italian jewelry. Chimento’s flair for original interpretations of the trends, preservation of tradition and the evolution of design has propelled the family owned brand to be a fashion must-have for every connoisseur. 

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