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No one can put a price upon great memories and no one too can put a price upon the things that hold them. This is why everything Memoire-made is beautiful and durable. Just like the meaning of the word “memoire”, every piece is carefully made to last. Staying true to the name, Memoire pieces are worth to be used as symbols for life’s greatest moments. Through wedding bands to the Memory Fit™ collections, elegance and finesse underscores every piece. For 20 years, Memoire has been manufacturing high-end diamond jewelry in the United States. The brand since its inception is known to be a maker of solid and exceptionally durable pieces. Their exemplary commitment to precision guarantees that every stone is stored properly and had been inspected through the microscope by its expert staff.  Memoire diamonds are sold exclusively to “guild” end of the market. With keenness to quality, Memoire only uses state-of-the-art technology for their diamonds.  Coming with their utmost care for the jewelry and their name is the practice of being extremely selective when it comes to their retailers. Together, these stands as a testament to their vow of providing the highest level of customer service and appreciation. Keeping to its American roots and drawing from its rich European heritage, new models and ideas come from France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland and the United States as well. For Memoire diamond jewelries, visit one of their leading authorized dealers – Shreve & Co..

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