Friday, May 16, 2014

I remember our first date

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I’ve read a Pew research that says many Americans today are unsure if going out with a person they’re interested in can be considered a date. I think that’s a more serious problem than our country’s anemic economy. I’m in my fifties and my generation never had this date doubt. When I was a teen going out with someone to watch a Brooke Shields movie or roller skate in the park at night was definitely a date. Even before taking her out, you have to fetch her at home, say hello to the parents and ask their permission. A soda pop or ice cream split should cap a wonderful date night. And if things get really serious between the two of you, the guy would start saving up to buy a luxury ring, maybe akin to a Stephen Webster ring, to profess his undying love. It was a simple, romantic and  happy life back then.
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