Friday, December 28, 2012

Fashionable and Timeless

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The Egyptian pyramids are timeless architecture. The sheer brilliance and will to put up structures of such magnitude and perfection are human marvels. The ancient Egyptians brought to our world a civilization that would inspire millions. One brand that takes off from the Egyptian aesthetics is Roberto Coin. Most collections from Roberto Coin have ruby and rubellite. This stems from the ancient Egyptian belief that when ruby touches the skin, it grants the wearer good fortunes, good health and happiness. Roberto Coin is no stranger to good fortune, himself. As his brand became a success after just six years in the industry since it was introduced in 1996. Founded in Vicenza, Italy in 1977, the brand has quickly risen to be a high-end producer of Italian jewelry and watches. This success wasn’t brought forth by rubies alone but with the unwavering search for beauty. For fashionable yet timeless pieces, visit Corby & Troy an authorized dealer for Roberto Coin.

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