Friday, June 27, 2014

Should you bring the diamond ring in your travel?

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You vow in your wedding to wear the Suna Bros. ring forever, or at least until you die. But should you really wear it all the time especially if you’re traveling in an adventure, say, a backpack tour of Eastern Europe? Why not? But a little extra care should be taken especially if you’re going to places you’re not familiar with or if you’re traveling alone. The fast rule is never take off your ring at any time. That includes shower and cooking. It’s easy to forget the ring when you do this. Unlike forgetting it on your kitchen table, leaving it some hotel or, worse, restaurant’s restroom is as sure as sunrise that you’re not getting it back. In the rare case that you need to tuck it somewhere, keep a small pocket attached to your clothes. This ensures the ring stays with you all the time.
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