Thursday, January 17, 2013

Baume & Mercier: An Icon and Luxury

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Baume & Mercier has established itself to be the leading brand in producing sporty chronographs. It is part of the Richemont group along with Cartier and Piaget. Baume & Mercier became one of the most sought out brands as it maintains a close relationship with the customers; and also being the producer of iconic luxury watches of aesthetic elegance, charm and excellence. In 1964, Baume & Mercier took on the PHI symbol for its brand identity. This represented the golden proportion from antiquity. It is through this visual cue that Baume & Mercier became known to be the affordable luxury brand. They keep on to this positioning and philosophy by creating innovative and avant-garde pieces. The years 1972 and 1973 proved fruitful for Baume & Mercier as lady watches Galaxie and Mimosa models won the Golden Rose in 1972 and the Stardust model showcasing an onyx dial surrounded by 138 diamonds garnered the supreme Golden Rose merit the next year. And since the purchase by Richemont and the new found autonomy, Baume & Mercer continues its mission under Alain Zimmerman.  “The mission I am determined to pursue with conviction and pride is about making Baume & Mercier the natural companion of life’s milestone moments such as a birthday or anniversary, a first job or a reunion – the kind that warms our hearts in any culture and on every continent.” stated Alain Zimmermann the CEO of Baume & Mercier. And so, they completely do. For Baume & Mercier luxury for life’s milestones, please visit Shreve & Co.—authorized dealer for Baume & Mercier. 

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