Monday, January 07, 2013

From your Generation to Generations to Come

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Winning five years in a row in the bridal category in the Jeweler’s Choice Awards is an exceptional feat. But what do you expect from Kirk Kara? Having been in the business for generations; being a part of a family of master jewelers, it is almost as expected for the maker of the most popular high-end bridal jewelry in America. By marrying classical and vintage styles and modern take, Kirk Kara has managed to stay in the forefront of the bridal jewelry market. Kirk Kara has done this through using only the finest materials and a hands-on approach; Kirk Kara himself approves every piece which is engraved by a hallmark of Kirk Kara authenticity. 
Banking on the centuries of experience of artisans, Kirk Kara produces every piece different and durable. This ensures that you are not just buying a ring; but a symbol of your eternal love; homage, to be exact, to the passion behind the act; an heirloom. For Kirk Kara, it is the bond of family that his jewelries best evoke. His jewelries are intended for the family to enjoy. So no one person can really own a Kirk Kara, it is owned by family; now and by generations to come. For your family heirlooms, visit Shreve & Co. – authorized dealers for Kirk Kara. 

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