Friday, November 09, 2012

Oneness without Sacrificing Uniqueness

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Finding a perfect engagement ring that signifies the special bond you have with your partner without sacrificing individuality has never been easier since Martin Flyer came up with the FlyerFit™ collection. The FlyerFit line showcases engagement rings and wedding bands that fit perfectly together. This is offered with the highest quality of metals and diamonds in the 5 most popular bridal settings; namely the three-stone rings, solitaires, shared prong, channel and micro pave. There are many designs to choose from and many experts to help you choose your own symbol of oneness and individuality. These experts understand what cuts match what settings. Their inside can guide you through the collection and making a pair your own. Since moving to the famous 48th street, New York’s diamond district, Martin Flyer has continued to bedazzle onlookers with the finest bridal jewelry collections in the country. They have made their mark in the industry with many collections to be desired. For your unique FlyerFit, visit Shreve & Co. – authorized dealer for Martin Flyer. 

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