The Jewelry Trend We Can’t Get Enough of: Above-the-Knuckle-Rings

In the early 1500s, a painting of a wealthy woman appeared. Paintings were the “fashion magazines” of the Renaissance Era, and this one kicked off a trend of the day. The painting was Portrait of a Woman by Bernhard Strigel, and the woman in question wore a knuckle ring. Soon, it was the fashion women of the day all needed.

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Anything is Possible: The 2018 Wellendorff Ring of the Year

Each year, Wellendorff announces its Ring of the Year. It’s a ring that is more than a design. It holds an important message and meaning.

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Why Diamond Studs are Always the Perfect Gift

If there has ever been a piece of jewelry you can’t get wrong, it’s this one. Diamond stud earrings are the pantry staple of a woman’s jewelry box - always classic and always in style. She can wear these earrings day or night with any and every outfit. The best part? It’s impossible to buy the wrong size. Seriously, in 160 years, not one person has returned a pair and said, “they don’t fit.”

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Why it Matters If Your Watch is Made with an In-House Movement

Think of watch movements like engines in cars. The engine takes in fuel (in this case a movement absorbs energy from motion or a battery) and makes the pistons fire, starting the engine and making the car move, and when you have a watch with an in-house movement, you have a timepiece built to outperform the Bugatti Veyron of timepieces.

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