Proof That Love Burns the Longest Of All

As a firestorm enveloped much of California’s Sonoma County in early October, destroying entire neighborhoods from Calistoga to northwest Santa Rosa, thousands of seniors were forced to fend for themselves against one of the greatest natural disasters to ever hit the region. Now, as our community begins to rebuild, it’s quickly becoming apparent that older Californians were hit the hardest.

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6 In-Stock Pieces that Will Please Even the Hardest to Shop for on Your List

You have your list and the perfect gift for everyone else wrapped and ready to be opened. Dad is getting a new pair of loafers, mom is getting a beautiful vest, your sister is getting that purse she told you she wanted, but what about your significant other?

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5 Dress Watches You Can Wear to Every Holiday Party this Season

The year coming to a close frequently signals holiday gatherings among co-workers, friends, and family. For these holiday parties, we suggest leaving the excessive watch complications for new year vacations and instead, sporting one of these dress watches to make a powerful year-end statement. 

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Why Halo Engagement Rings are Some of the Most Liked on Social Media

The goal is to accentuate a diamond that is already spectacular. The result is an engagement ring that makes an impact like no other. When you surround a center diamond with a halo of smaller diamonds, you get a glamorous engagement ring that make eyebrows pop up, and jaws drop down.

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