Diamond Grading: The Four Cs and What They Mean

Diamonds are rare. Diamonds that are ultimately used in jewelry are really rare. Nearly 80% of the diamonds that come from mines never make it to a ring or necklace. So what is it that makes a diamond special enough to be a coveted gemstone?

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How to Clean Your Jewelry at Home

Life happens. With constant competing priorities and engagements, there are always things which slide down the to-do list

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Five Ways for Wearing Pearls for Any Occasion

Women today are rediscovering pearls. Like many fashions, pearls have gone through different phases. The elegance of the upper class in the 1920s. A new look with Jackie Kennedy in the 1960s. 

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How Your Beauty Routine Affects Your Jewelry

Suntan lotion in the summer. Moisturizer in the winter. Inspect spray in the forest. Face wash after a hard workout. Your skin is constantly bombarded with products which help it stay healthy.

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