Easy Ways to Keep Your Watch Looking Brand New

An average day in the life of your watch might include putting it on, taking it off, adjusting it on your wrist, possibly bumping it, exposing it to the elements, and a half-dozen other fiddling things. It probably sees action you’re not aware of.

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The Rare Materials of William Henry

Perhaps the most unique aspect of this authentically American brand is the use of interesting and rare materials in their designs. Meteorite, gemstone, fossil, and metal applications are common in these unique creations.

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Throwback to the 80s: Our Favorite Hoop Earrings

If hoop earrings make you think of 80s icons like Julia Roberts, Cindy Crawford, and Madonna…then you may have missed 2019 celebs like Hailey Baldwin, Rhianna, and Meghan Markle sporting hoop earrings.

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Four Break Out Jewelry Brands You Should Know About

Some have said “there’s nothing new under the sun,” or “they just don’t make ‘em like they used to.” Those people haven’t been introduced to these 4 jewelry brands that are making a big splash!

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