Our Top Gift Picks to Give Your Groom

Sometimes with all the commotion of putting a wedding together, we forget to take a moment and figure out what to get the groom. Here are some ideas that are sure to fit his personality and that he’ll treasure forever.

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Alluring Emeralds: May’s Birthstone

This time of year, things are as green as green can be. Maybe things aren’t any greener than before, but after months of grey and brown, the green of May seems particularly special. 

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Why Patek Philippe Makes the Best Minute Repeaters in the World

A tale as old as time. Church bells, chimes; we have all heard time being told by sound. There is something built into our being that understands the series of sounds clearly depicting the change of time. Sound is thought to be the oldest known method of marking time.

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All Mixed Up: How to Wear White, Yellow, and Rose Gold Jewelry Together

We’ve been told not to “wear white after Labor Day,” but…what happens if you do? As far as we know, nobody has ever been charged in court with violating this offense, but this “law” seems to still live on the books.

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