What's On Trend? This Year It's Turquoise

Kings, shamans, and warriors alike have found turquoise to be both captivating and powerful. Turquoise is a gemstone that first appeared in 6000 BCE in amulets used to protect the likes of King Tut and Cleopatra.  8,000 years later, turquoise continues to be a sought stone for today’s fashions.

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Since 1852: The Story Behind San Francisco's Original Start-Up

In a time when carriages were the finest mode of transportation, women were adorned in feathers and finery and men sported top hats and waistcoats, Shreve & Co. was quickly rising as the luxury destination in San Francisco. 

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Making it Personal: Our Top 3 Watches with Interchangeable Straps

In the late 90s, fashion watches started shipping with two or more extra straps. A good idea on paper, but in practice swapping out bands was cumbersome and required special tools. Today, many brands have figured out inventive ways for wearers to switch straps, letting people put a new spin on their timepiece each time they wear it. 

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Capture Summer's Spirit with Ole Lynnggard's Playful Combinations

Known for her playful style and distinctly feminine touch, Charlotte Lynggaard has once again uniquely captured summer’s spirit with her newest collections: Life and Nature. Designed to gorgeously complement each other, her new stackable bracelets are a must-have this season and year round.

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