6 Everyday Pieces that Should Be on Your Wish List this Holiday Season

When you get that tap on the shoulder and someone says “So, what would you like for Christmas this year?” we encourage you to email/print/send this post to the person asking that question. We’re about to make this easy for everyone with some of our favorites.

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Watch 101 - Breaking Down Our Customers Top 5 Complications

We are often asked what our favorite complications are on a timepiece. Talk about a loaded question. It did get us thinking on the subject of complications, and we decided to break down five of the complications for which we see the greatest demand from our customers.

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How to Pick the Perfect Gift... Every Time

When it comes to gift giving, you’re a champ. Your pals marvel at your ability to always come up with a winner. It’s a constant game of “can you top this?” Always paying close attention to what sparkles her eyes. Listening for her subtle hints. You’re good at it… but, you never know how many more rabbits you can pull out of your hat.

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How to Design Your Own Engagement Ring

Custom designing an engagement ring has become the thing to do. The good news is, it’s not that hard. There are a couple other steps involved, so let’s take them one at a time.

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