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The History Behind Kate Middleton’s Sapphire Engagement Ring

Every ring has a story, and the one worn by The Duchess of Cambridge is no different. Most people likely know that the ring Prince William gave her once belonged to his mother, Diana. But, its journey to his wife Kate goes back even further.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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The First 3 Things You Should Do with Your New Jewelry or Timepiece in 2018

Jewelry and watches are meant to last for generations. The ones that have three things in common: They fit, they’re insured, and they’re maintained.

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6 In-Stock Pieces that Will Please Even the Hardest to Shop for on Your List

You have your list and the perfect gift for everyone else wrapped and ready to be opened. Dad is getting a new pair of loafers, mom is getting a beautiful vest, your sister is getting that purse she told you she wanted, but what about your significant other?

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Everyday Pieces that Should Be on Your Wish List this Holiday Season

When you get that tap on the shoulder and someone says “So, what would you like for Christmas this year?” we encourage you to email/print/send this post to the person asking that question. We’re about to make this easy for everyone with some of our favorites.

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