The History Behind William Henry Jewelry

Limited Edition. For collectors, there is something special about these two words. Whether released in an exclusive number of thousands or hundreds, a limited-edition piece holds special value. There is also an elevated expectation of craftsmanship and quality when you pursue a limited-edition. While timepiece manufacturers pride themselves on each item in a limited-edition offering being exactly the same, in the world of jewelry, the tiny imperfections and differences are what make limited-edition pieces sought after. Enter William Henry, an American luxury brand crafting unique pieces which integrate form and function, placing them in a unique category of their own making in the world of men’s jewelry and accessories. Who is William Henry and what do they bring to the table?

Designer and entrepreneur Matthew William Conable founded the company in 1997. The company name was derived from the original partnership between Conable and Michael Henry Honack. Matt Conable is now the sole owner of the Oregon based brand devoted to the vision of luxury jewelry and accessories for men. William Henry seamlessly integrates classic natural materials, precious metals, gemstones, and state-of-the-art alloys in the creation of unique objects designed to withstand the test of time. Conable founded the company with the sincere belief in creating objects that he could be proud of and that incorporated distinctive character. Beginning with award-winning pocket knives that blended the function of a tool with the beauty of jewelry, the brand has expanded to create writing instruments, money clips, cuff links, and key chains. The artistry and personality of the materials make every William Henry creation truly unique. Within a style, no two pieces are alike. While a watchmaker may produce a limited offering of 1,000 numbered pieces, a release of that size would be the largest and least exclusive offering in William Henry history. As Conable has stated, “these rare pieces are imbued with the personality of their owners, and become part of their living legacy”. That’s the kind of limited-edition we can stand behind, which is why we began carrying William Henry at our Palo Alto location. On December 13th, we will be featuring William Henry during a trunk show in Palo Alto.

Here are a few of the pieces you can explore in-store:

Zurich Rodeo Money Clip

Constructed of Sterling Silver with Zinc Matrix Turquoise inlay, the Zurich Rodeo Money Clip is masculine and functional, keeping your valuables secure.

Cristobal Pendant

Inspired by the rich history of the “sugar skull” tradition in Mexico, the Cristobal Pendant is 1.5” of finely sculpted sterling silver. With beautiful detailing presented on a solid Kevlar cord, the striking pendant will add a little attitude to your daily attire.

William Henry Rook Bracelet

This mid-size bracelet features sterling silver links connected with a piston clasp inlaid with a genuine citrine gemstone. The silver links are inlaid with wooly mammoth tooth, providing an ageless addition to this unique creation. Plucked from the sea floor, the mammoth tooth is dried for two years before being cut and hand-inlaid into each sterling silver link. This bracelet is truly a piece of history.

William Henry Outlaws Cufflinks

Featuring 18k rose gold cages over polished black onyx inlays, the Outlaws cufflinks are as masculine as it gets. The skull styling of the solid-rose gold cage is set into a sterling silver base to create that little piece of outlaw attitude that completes your outfit for any formal occasion.

Chablis Pen

This titanium 1213 pen is constructed of stainless steel. Designed with mini pine cones mixed with a green and blue acrylic barrel, the pen is completed with a pocket clip set wit a sapphire gemstone. The cap is Mokume Gane, an ancient Japanese metalworking procedure which produces distinctive layered patterns where the metal takes on the appearance of natural wood grain.

Monarch Pride Knife

Delivered in a limited run of 100 pieces, the Monarch Pride Knife from William Henry is truly unique. A hand-carved sterling silver frame is fitted with a hand-forged blade made by Chad Nichols. The single hand button lock and thumb stud are set with blue sapphire gemstones. The frame is inlaid with blue lapis lazuli stone. The Monarch Pride Knife is an heirloom-worthy piece which can be handed down for generations to come.


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